True feel of racing and speed reflected into development.

True feel and data from real racing has been fully utilized for the development of T3R. A wide range of low and high-speed driving conditions have been carefully replicated. The simulator allows anyone to experience the intensity and excitement of speed at over 300km/h.

Finely-tuned system design for accurate replication of vehicle behavior

Vehicle behavior is different between F1 machines, GT racecars and mass production cars. Physical data taken from actual cars and variations of road surface data are finely matched to replicate vehicle behavior as accurately as possible. You will even feel the G as if driving an actual car.

Immersive VR system An experience out of this world

The VR system now allows the driver to even experience the fear of driving, something that was not possible with past simulators. Once you put on the VR goggles, you are sitting inside the cockpit. You feel the impact of going over the curb, the distance between you and other vehicles and the undulation of the road. It all feels real as you are actually driving a real car. You can even step out and see the car from the outside.

Flexibility in software Variable settings for each purpose

Whether you just want to enjoy racing or seriously practice shaving milli-seconds off your lap time. Perhaps you want to safely drive on an actual road like the Tokyo Shutoko. The software on the T3R SIMULATOR can be flexibly selected to suit your purpose. The standard set up comes with Assetto Corsa, easy to customize and with beautiful graphics.