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  • Professional Racing Driver


    Born 1977. Originally from Nagoya, Aichi prefecture. In 2005, he became the first Japanese driver to fully enter the NASCAR Grand National Division series. Currently racing in the NASCAR K&N PRO series.

Developer Takuma Koga
The future of the T3R SIMULATOR

What does it take to better replicate the driving of an actual car?

When I was a child, I never liked playing video games, so I was riding karts all the time. Reality was much more fun than video games. But it dawned on me when I was working as a test driver. We were using simulators for vehicle development, but its quality wasn’t satisfactory. I was wondering what it takes to better replicate actual driving. About that time, I found out that a friend of mine was developing the hardware for simulators. I tested the system and my first impression was positive. I felt that it might be possible to make a better simulator with this new hardware. That’s how it all started.

Replicating real driving at speeds of 50km/h – 300km/h
Without creating VR (motion) sickness

While in development, we really focused on replicating reality at 50km/h or 300km/h. Most people have experience driving at 50km/h, but not too many have experienced the world over 300km/h. I have that experience and know how a car handles, how it behaves and how the suspension reacts at such extreme speeds. I tried to feedback that real experience as much as possible.
With the T3R VR edition, it was very difficult to eliminate motion sickness. The problem of motion sickness occurs when the simulator behaves differently from one’s expectations based on actual driving experience. We kept going back and taking data from an actual car, feeding such information to the simulator in an effort to minimize the difference in behavior between an actual car and the simulator. Details like how much a car nose-dives at full-braking from 100km/h. How traction changes as the tires warm up. We worked on such details, compiling data from actual cars and real experience of racing drivers to complete the final settings. I’m confident that you would not experience motion sickness with T3R VR edition.